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Posted by Nikita Marwaha on May 15, 2018 11:45:00 AM
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Our team at i2x are pretty great, and we'd like you to get to know us a little better. Meet Stefan.

Name: Stefan Decker

Role: Machine Learning Engineer

At i2x since: June, 2017

What does this mean? I spend most of my time writing Python or C++ code to implement features that leverage the big amounts of audio and text data we have to improve our product. Sometimes this means using existing algorithm, sometimes it means experimenting with new algorithms that better fit the current use case. Apart from that, I have a little bit of a special role in my team as I act as the link between customers, sales, product and machine learning to make sure everything we develop is in line with our customers needs.

What you used to do (before i2x): I worked in several startups before and founded two myself (one of them sold to Juniqe). I have a mixed background in finance and engineering and a general love for data.

What you do now (at i2x): I work in the Machine Learning team with a focus on NLP topics like black- and whitelist words.

Why i2x: I love how i2x combines a very concrete and understandable value proposition with extremely interesting and complicated technology. Also the team is very strong and we learn a lot from each other every day.

Favourite i2x feature: My favourite feature right now is filler word detection. It can be sometimes astonishing to have the trainer tell you which words you are overusing and how relatively easy it is to stop this if you get constant feedback.

Your most annoying speaking habit: Once a presentation coach told me that I had used "uhm" 42 times in 3 minutes. Since then I reduced it but it still comes up more often than I would like.

Favourite food spot in Berlin: Le Bon for breakfast, Night Kitchen for lunch and drinks :)

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